Track & Trace Software for Healthcare Waste Management

NetPro Track & Trace Software that tracks waste from the point of creation to the point of shipment or disposal. The system maintains a detailed waste history database for tracking the waste and its movement. NetPro TT is supplied with data on over 30,000 chemicals, their properties and coding including applicable health and safety information which can be used as part of waste labeling.


  • Accurate tracking and control of waste and hazardous waste
  • Reduces the risk of regulatory breaches
  • Full traceability and complete audit trail
  • Reduces the costs and staff overhead of waste tracking and management
  • Web-based system with browser-based access
  • Web-hosted system so no IT installation required
  • Generates waste labels
  • Generates all waste documentation
  • Departmental cost analysis
  • Tracks inter-site waste transfers
  • Enables corporate site consolidation for waste tracing

Health Information System

In Healthcare, “the traditional big ERP paradigm has reached its end. Instead, expect ERP systems to become modular, distributed, and a lot more nimble as they break apart” - Thomas Wailgum

Deployment of Health/Hospital Information Systems, Patient Information Systems and integrated solutions for healthcare takes more than just a piece of software. This is the reason why the relationship between NetPro International Limited and its sister Healthcare Management Consulting, Nicole & Kingswill Limited creates an amazing partnership that is hard to resist for healthcare organizations that are serious about excellence in service delivery and patient safety.

Our approach is systemic and incorporates latest web-based and mobile technologies & service improvement/optimization strategies to create a suite of products and services that is most suitable for small to medium scale healthcare establishments.

Our solutions are fully comprehensive and customizable to suit the unique needs of your hospital offering full data integration out-of-the-box while also ensuring compliance to best-practice is key areas of health service provision.

Some of the Key Features Include :

  • Comprehensive Electronic Medical Record System
  • Patient Management
  • End-to-end Medication Management
  • Diagnostic Order Entry
  • Laboratory Information System
  • Emergency Department Management
  • Surgical Management
  • Financial Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Materials Management
  • Human Resources
  • Workflow tools
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics



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